Criterion- I

1.1.1 (QlM) (Supporting Document Links/Proof)

(1.1.1 Supporting Documents Link for webpage.)

1.3.1-Supporting Documents- Cross-Cutting Issues

1.4.1 : Feedback Mechanism & Action Taken Report Links

1.4.1.Supporting documents web links as proof

Criterion- II

2.1.2- Supporting Documents SSR

2.2.1- Supporting Document: Students- Teacher Ratio

2.3.1- Supporting Documents-SSR

2.4.1- Supporting Document: Students- Teacher Ratio

2.4.2- Supporting Document: Ph.D- Teacher Ratio

2.5.1- Supporting Document-SSR

2.6.1 – Supporting Document- SSR

2.6.2 – Supporting Document- SSR

Criterion- III

3.1.1 : Supporting Documents for Research Grants

3.2.1- Supporting Documents SSR

3.3.2 : Number of Books, Chapters Published during last Five years

3.4.1- Supporting Documents SSR

3.4.2 Supporting documents SSR

3.5.1 : Activities under Linkages and MoUs and Collaboration

  1. Activity under Linkage with Ayurvan Foundation dated 23-9-2017.
  2. Activity under MoU- Multidisciplinary workshop on Relevance of IPR-27=28-04-2019.
  4. Activity under MoU with Ayurvan Foundation for Field Visit.
  5. Activities under MoU with Ambedkar College, Nagpur.
  7. Activities under MoU with Bank of Maharashtra, like Bank visits.
  8. MoU for organizing NAAC seminars in collaboration with four institutions.
  9. Activities under MoU with Spectram Academy Nagpur
  10. Activities under Linkage with Women’s College, Nandanvan, Nagpur.
  11. Activities under Linkage with Renuka College, Nagpur.
  12. Linkage Activity with Skylark Publication for publishing Research papers
  13. Activity under MoU of Three Colleges for International Webinar
  14. Linkage activity with Santaji College for Virtual Lecture Series.
  15. Activity under MoU with Mahila Mahavidyalaya,Nandanvan
  16. Activity Under MoU -Quality Development Program with Renuka College, Nagpur.
  17. Linkage activity for Research with UPA International Journal.
  18. Activity under MoU with Santaji College, Nagpur.
  19. Linkage activity for Research publication
  20. Linkage activity of Four institutions for organizing Virtual Lecture Series in Compulsory English
  21. Activities under MoU with Vikas Kulkarni and Associates for Academic Cooperation and Exchange of Expertise
  22. Linkage activity with Purushottam Bazar for Mall Visit.
  23. Linkage activity for Virtual Classes in Economics
  24. Industrial visit under MoU with Dinshaw Dairy Foods Pvt. Ltd nagpur.
  25. Activity under Linkage with Shri Binzani City College for Faculty Exchange and Virtual Classes
  26. Activity under Linkage with Principal Kalode college for Faculty Exchange Program
  27. Activities under MoU with Bharat Plastic Industries, Ltd. Nagpur for an industrial visit for academic purpose

Criterion- IV

4.1.1- Supporting Documents-SSR

4.1.2- Supporting Documents-SSR

4.1.2 & 4.4.1 Template (DVV)

4.2.1 : Supporting Documents- SSR

4.3.1: IT Facilities- Supporting Documents-SSR

4.3.2 Students- Computer Ratio

4.4.1- Supporting Documents-SSR

Criterion- V

5.1.1 Students Benefited by Scholarship from Govt. and Non-Govt. Agencies

5.1.4 Mechanism for Students Grievances System

5.2.2- Supporting Document- SSR

5.4.1- Alumni- Supporting Documents

Criterion- VI

6.1.1 : Supporting Documents- SSR

6.2.1 – Supporting Documents SSR

6.2.2 Implementation of e-governance

6.3.1 Supporting Documents for Welfare Measures for Teaching and Non-Teaching Staff

6.3.3 : Teaching and Non-Teaching Staff participated in Faculty and Professional Development Programs.

6.4.1 Supporting Documents- SSR

6.5.1 – Supporting Document- SSR

Criterion- VII

7.1.1. Gender Equity and Commemorative Days and events

7.1.2 Facilities in the institution

7.1.3 Environment and Energy Initiatives

7.1.4 Institutional efforts/initiatives in providing an inclusive environment

7.2.1 Best Practices

7.3.1 Supporting Documents SSR

Additional Information for SSR